6 Simple Steps To Doing Your Own PCB Assembly

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to do your own PCB assembly? A printed circuit board (PCB) is basically a copper sheet layer made up of electronic components. It can be purchased in any electrical and computer centers. However, if you’re the type of person who is passionate about electronics and you intend to try doing things on your own, you might prefer to just build it yourself.

If you are planning to do PCB assembly, just follow this quick guide to get started:
1.Paste Stenciling

The materials you’ll need for this process are metal stencil, solder paste, and metal squeegee. Solder paste is basically made from a combination of different metals such as tin, silver and copper. It is best to store the paste in a cool place.

Any cheap brand of leaded paste can be used. If you want to achieve a high quality result, then use the lead-free solder paste.

pcb-electricalPrepare a metal stencil which you will use as a guide in the application of solder paste. You can opt to solder-paste each PCB board or a panel board of PCB. Lay your board and put the stencil on top, making sure that the stencil is properly positioned. Then, apply the paste over the stencil using the metal squeegee.

2.Placement of Components

You will need your electronic components and tweezers for this process. Also, it will require a lot of focus and patience to correctly place the components.

To do this, use the tweezers to manually place all the components on top of the soldered board.


To complete this stage of PCB assembly, a reflow oven or your own do-it-yourself toaster oven that can reach 250 degrees Celsius is needed.

Reflow is the process of exposing the board to alternating warm and cool temperatures. This will ensure that solder paste creates a solid finish. The reflow oven is set to 250 degrees Celsius. As the PCB panel moves through the oven in a varying temperature ranges, the solder paste will melt.

Once the paste is melted, the electronic components will automatically stick to the PCB. Examine the board and see if every component is neatly soldered.

4.Manual Solder

Make sure to prepare the tools needed for this step: soldering iron, brass sponge, metal helping hands, PCB, and solder.

You will need to solder the plated through-hole (PTH) in your board by hand. Take your board and clip it with the use of metal helping hands. This is to ensure that your board is in place during the soldering process. While soldering, remember to heat both the solder pin and the board to avoid clumping.


To start the assessment, visual inspection should be done first to ensure that all electronic parts are appropriately placed on the board and that solders are neatly pasted.

If the board seems to have no issues, it’s time to test the PCB in terms of voltage output, pin voltages, and overall connection. Check that your own PCB assembly output is completely and electronically operational.


This part is highly necessary when you intend to sell your PCB. Usually, producing electronics in large numbers requires the use of machinery. If in any case you do not own a dishwasher for electronics, then all you need is a stainless steel pot and deionized water. You can just literally dunk your board in the water.

If you do not have these things, a q-tip and a sufficient amount of isopropyl alcohol will be a great alternative. To dry the water, simply use a fan or compressed air.

Now that you’ve learned about how to do your own PCB assembly, start creating one!

Uses of Iron On Patches

Iron On Patches are amazing! They are cheap and hip. They come in different designs and they are quite easy to iron on, too.

But, what are the top uses of these patches? Well, here are some of them:

1. You can use them as fashion statements.

These patches are great fashion accessories. For example, if you want to have the biker chic look, you can just iron on those that contain Harley Davidson bikes or patches that are used by member of motorcycle clubs.

Kids who are into Barbie can also iron on some Barbie patches on their clothes and even bags.

2. You can use them to cover stains and holes.

You don’t have to let go of your favorite shirt just because it has stains or holes. You can simply cover the damage with cool iron patches.

3. Iron on patches are used for military and police uniforms.

PatchesCustom patches are usually ironed on military uniforms and police uniforms. In fact, some of these patches denote a certain job, rank, or a special position in a specialized military unit. These patches are worn with pride. These patches are more than just embroidered pieces of fabric. They symbolize hope and respect.

4. You can use these patches for charity events.

Are you raising funds for people with breast cancer? Well, if you are, you can design special “breast cancer awareness” custom patches for potential donors.

5. You can design a special patch to commemorate a special occasion.

Are you going to your favorite band’s concert? Do you love the Halloween or the Thanksgiving season? Well, you can design a special commemorative patch to celebrate the occasion.

6. You can give away custom patches to your club members.

If you’re in a book club, cooking club, or dancing club, you can give away special patches to represent membership. These patches can give your club members a strong feeling of belongingness.

7. You can use iron on patches for marketing purposes.

Businessmen can use patches to promote their products and services. They can print the logo of their brand or product and give it away to potential customers. They can also attach the patch to their employees’ uniform.

8. You can use these patches to convey a message.

Are you heart-broken? Do you want to inspire people? Do you want to convey a specific message to the people around you? Well, you can use iron on patches for that. You can print special messages on the patches. You can print inspiring words such as “Just do it” or “do not give up”.

9. Custom patches allow you to release your creative juices.

Designing custom patches can be a great creative outlet. You can put a flower, a cartoon character, or the logo of your favorite soda on your custom patch. You can design custom patches with your family and friends.

10. Custom patches are cool gifts.

Are you wondering what to give your mom this mother’s day? Here’s an idea – you can give her a “World’s Greatest Mom” patch. She’ll definitely appreciate this and it’s kind of sweet, too. You can also print a patch containing the words, “Mommy and Daddy are proud of you” and iron them on your kid’s bag. You can even give “BFF forever” patches to your closest friends.

11. You can create custom patches to show support for your favorite sports team.

Are you are football or basketball fan? You can design and print patches that contain the logo of your favorite sports team. You can also print patches to show your admiration for a specific athlete. You can write something like “Michael Jordan rocks” or “James Lebron is the King”.

Iron on patches are cool and inexpensive. They are also quite easy to design and attach, too.

Logo Lanyards and What It Can Do for Your Company

Lanyards were originally made for military use. Back then, these was typically worn around the shoulder to hold weaponry such as pistols and swords. At present, it still has the same purpose as before but now, it holds more common items such as IDs, keycards, cameras and flash drives.

Among the many objects the reliable logo lanyards can hold, perhaps the most common is the identification card. Utilized for this particular intent by schools and companies alike, these neck straps are slowly weaving their way into becoming a uniform staple piece. But should it?

The answer to that question is one, big, fat YES. Making logo lanyards part of your uniform is not only smart and practical but also beneficial because it will put your company on the map in a very good way.

Lanyard Advantages IN the Company

Lanyards promote corporate uniformity, giving employees a sense of belonging. Whether or not your company has a prescribed uniform (some allow employees to wear anything they want as long as it is business casual), lanyards would be a great way to reinforce branding consistency inside the office. With the right color, design and fabric, company staff will surely not hesitate using lanyards to hold their identification or key cards.

Logo LanyardsIn addition to the lanyard’s effect on company unity, logo lanyards are also very practical as ID holders since they allow easy access. With these neck straps, every security personnel in your building will not have a hard time verifying your identity as a member of the company. Lanyards are also commonly designed to be long neck straps so employees would not have to take it off because it can easily reach a standard access card reader mounted on the wall or door frame of your establishment.

A nicely-designed lanyard can also be a good motivation that will encourage employees to (finally) adhere to the company policy of wearing their IDs.

Lanyard Advantages FOR the Company

The number one benefit of logo lanyards for the company can be described in one word: BRANDING.

Though blank or plain lanyards are very common, companies with creative marketing or human resources departments know better. If you see these lanyards as more than mere neck straps but more of a branding tool, you will definitely reap the doles of a well-designed lanyard.

By choosing high-quality materials and having it printed with a strong, relevant design, lanyards have the potential to be a very effective marketing collateral. Just make sure everything you put on it is relative to each other and to your brand.

Start by taking into consideration the aesthetics of your company logo. More often than not, designers base the colors of the lanyard on the official logo. From there, they can add in the business’s website URL, phone number, or tagline.

Remember that when you do decide to make logo lanyards part of your company uniform, make it in such a way that it clearly represents your brand. Choose a high-quality fabric, a durable attachment and a stunning design, and you will surely have enthusiastic employees and happy clients lining up to get your company’s lanyards.

No need to worry, too, because these neck straps will not require you to take a huge amount from your company’s hard-earned assets. Just find a reliable supplier, order your desired lanyards in advance (placing an order weeks or even a month before allows you more time to address any revisions in design or material), be present in every important step of the production process, and you will have your lanyards exactly how you envisioned them to be.

Wholesalelanyards is your one-stop quality lanyard solution shop!We can craft a design that’s perfect for your company, group or institution. Logo Lanyards are a great way to reinforce your brand in a subtle way with customers.

Golf Apparel in and out of the Course

New women golfers are not really sure that they want to commit to playing golf for the long term. The reason for this is that they may be conscious of becoming sunburned or that they may not become proficient players before a specific amount of time has passed. This means that new women golfers will need to consider if the golf apparel they have or will purchase can be used for other sports or summer activities. This is due to the fact that most golf wear clothing are considered to be a significant investment due to their prices. This is aside from the purchase of golf equipment such as a set of clubs as well as the bag.

Some long time women golfers advice the purchase of conservative clothing, which can be clearly seen in golf publications or televised events. The new woman golfer can choose to bring along a few outfits to determine the appropriateness of their golf apparel based on the posted dress code. Some new golfers will prefer to study first what type of clothes are worn by the club members on the course before purchasing their golf apparel.

The first consideration for purchasing golf attire is to choose comfortable pieces of clothing.

Golf apparelThe reason for this is that the golfer must be able to move easily without the distraction of tight clothing. Most of the clothing developed by golf wear companies are made with breathable materials since the sport is normally played in warm weather. This means that clothes developed for colder weather will become uncomfortable in the long run especially since it is a long walk between tees in warm weather.

Due to the limited number of golfers being allowed to play in the golf course, most clubs strictly follow a conservative dress code. This means that golfers that do not conform to the dress code may be disallowed to play resulting in the forfeiture of their golf slots. This is the reason why most golfers prefer to wear traditionally designed golf clothing instead of following the latest trends. One way to make golf apparel fashionable or fun is to choose bright colors such as orange, pink, and yellow.

Golf clothing does not have to remain unfashionable as seen in the increased popularity of stripes, plaids, paisleys, and unusual designs. A majority of these prints are normally seen on shorts, skirts, capris, and pants. A majority of golf wear companies make the traditional collared shirts in fun and bright colors while others prefer to develop unconventional designs. However, when competing professionally, some organizers limit the color and designs that are allowed to be worn. The reason for this is that colorful attire will not only distract other players but also the judges.

Some of the most popular colors for traditional golfers are beige, black, navy, and white for golf bottoms. But there are some women golfers that are considered to be unconventional as seen in the choice of bright colors and prints. Each golfer has their own personalities, which is seen in the choice of their apparel on the golf course. The main problem will always be the clothing choice to make the woman golfer look good while exercising.

Most women golfers consider themselves to have problem areas, which is normally dependent on their body type. Horizontal stripes are perceived to be the most unflattering print since it visually widens large areas such as the hip or waist. But some clothing designs are considered to be flattering such as v-neck tops since it enhances and flatters women with smaller chests. The v-neck top is also appropriate for women with fuller chests since it is less constricting. Mix and match golf apparel is perceived to be a good investment since the golfer will remain fashionable even with only a slight change in golf accessories. These golf accessories includes different color and printed sun visors, socks, belts, and shoes.

Fantastic Ways Silicone bracelets can be Used

The popularity of Silicone bracelets has increased ever since they first made their appearance. These wristbands can be bought ready to wear in stores or online. The best thing about these rubber wristbands is that they can also be customized to accommodate one’s needs and preferences. Manufacturers of custom rubber wristbands offer many options when it comes to bracelet shapes and colors. They are also available in different sizes. Because these bands can be customized in so many ways, people have found many different uses for this accessory. Here are some of the wonderful ways Silicone bracelets can be used:

Personalized Gift

It’s never a bad idea to give customized wristbands as presents. Giving a gift with a personal message shows thought fullness. A customized wristband with the name of the recipient’s favorite band or video game character is sure to be appreciated. Wristbands with personal messages are also great gift ideas. It’s a subtle yet splendid way to express a sentiment to friends and loved ones.

Promotional Giveaways

Silicone braceletsThese days, businesses must always be on the top of their game when it comes to marketing their products. One promotional tool that has proven to be very effective over the years is Silicone bracelets. Distributing wristbands that bear the company name, logo and contact information in job fairs and company events is a fantastic way to get exposure for their brand. The key is to come up with well-designed wristbands for the customers to wear. It’s an understated yet effective way for businesses to spread the word about their brand and create product recall

Fashion Statement

Individuals who wish to express their unique fashion sense can customize their own wristbands and buy them online at the convenience of their homes. They can design their bands with a Gothic theme or go Bohemian by creating a bracelet that is a throwback to hippie fashion by using the Swirled wristbands. This particular type of wristband uses up to three colors and twirls them around the wristband giving the bracelet a nice tie-dye finish. Ready made wristbands can also be purchased in stores or online.

Identification Device

Customized wristbands can be used to identify individuals. Some clubs distribute wristbands to club-goers who are under aged. This way, they won’t be served alcoholic drinks. Hospitals have employed the use of ID wristbands as well. Patients can wear wristbands bearing their name and health info such as their blood types, so that doctors can easily access them especially in cases of emergency.

Morale Booster

Sports fans love to show their support for their favorite sports team. For them, it has become a tradition to wear their team’s jerseys, hats and jackets during games and other sport events. Another way to demonstrate team solidarity is by wearing customized rubber wristbands that are especially designed to match their team’s colors and logo. The great thing about wristbands is that they are understated enough to be worn even at non-sports events. With these bands, fans can proudly express their support for their teams even while studying or at work.

Instrument for Charity

This is perhaps, the most excellent use for Silicone bracelets. Members of non-profit charitable organizations wear awareness wristbands to express their dedication to their causes. Since wristband manufacturers offer a plethora of wristband styles, customers can create an awareness bracelet that best reflects their charitable cause. They can have the logo of their organization printed, embossed or debossed on the surface of the band as well as a few words of inspiration. These wristbands also serve as great fundraising items.

These are just some of the ways these wristbands can be used. People, throughout the years, have discovered many positive and socially relevant ways these Silicone bracelets can be used. Fashion trends may come and go but that this accessory is here to stay.

Reasons for Getting Movable Cubicles

People buy new things every year but do not build new storage areas for the old stuff. Rather than throwing away your old furniture and other household or office possessions that have sentimental value, why not get movable cubicles? These are portable storage facilities that can be so useful to those without stock rooms in the house or office.

Having a portable storage unit made of steel or metal is very beneficial to every household and business. Such containers were initially used for transporting things during a big move but now, they are used to store various things such as appliances, equipment, furniture and other important items. Imagine yourself moving to a smaller house and you have a lot of things from your old house. Instead of throwing away your things, store them in this storage unit.

One of the reasons why people now rent or buy movable cubicles for their houses or businesses is they have bigger spaces. Ordinary and conventional storage units like container vans have small spaces and cannot accommodate a lot of things. These vans have limitations as to the kind of things and items placed inside. They are just not big enough to hold huge items that will actually fit portable storage units due to their bigger spaces.

storage containerAnother good thing about a portable storage container is that it is mobile or transportable. You can move it easily and conveniently from one area to another. There are also construction businesses that use such portable containers as their on-site offices when they have projects. Once the project is accomplished, they will just transfer these containers to their next area where they have a project in.

Movable cubicles provide safety and security. People store valuable things because they want them to be safe from harm and theft at all times. Rather than renting huge storage warehouses at humongous fees, people would use these storage containers. They would either rent or buy them. They will get those that can stand strong during a fire, earthquake, tornado, storm and other environmental calamities.

Portable storage containers are also economical and budget-friendly. Many people worry about the amount of money they will most likely spend when they store their possessions. Renting or buying your own storage container is actually cheaper than renting a whole warehouse. These kinds of storage facilities give you flexibility when it comes to your money. Ask suppliers of these containers how much their rental fee or total cost is.

These are the reasons why you should get these portable storage containers. You can use them for personal or business purposes. If you need to move to another building, house, street, locality, city, state or country, you will find them beneficial to your move.

When looking for suppliers of movable cubicles, ask from people you trust who have dealt with them. You can also check your telephone directory for the suppliers in your area. Call each of those listed and ask for their terms. You should also get estimates from them so that you can choose which one can fulfil your needs.

Try calling the Better Business Bureau in your locality or visit their website to check for complaints on the suppliers of portable storage containers you wish to hire. Remove from your list those that have consumer complaints.

Allow a representative from the companies you have in mind to check the things you wish to store. This will allow them to know the size of the container you need. They will also be able to give you an exact estimate based on your things. Always get the movable cubicles supplier that meets your need and budget and deals with you in an honest and cordial manner.

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Find a Good Agent to Buy Homes for Sale Garden City NY

Investing in your own home in Garden City, New York is a huge thing. There are tons of things to think about and matters to take into consideration. For some, this can be overwhelming. But the good news is, help is readily available. Buyers always have the option of hiring a real estate agent to help them in their search.

But of course, this should not just be about hiring any other agent. In order to find a good property, it is also a must to find a good agent to buy homes for sale Garden City NY. How do you do this? Here are some tips.

Consider the reputation of the agent or company

real estateFirst of all, you must look into the reputation of the agent or company that you are planning to hire. To do this, you can read reviews. Expert reviews and customer reviews will both be useful here to give you various perspectives. Or you can also ask for referrals or check out websites for this purpose like the BBB or Better Business Bureau.

This way, you will have valuable insight as to how certain agents or companies work. You can also get a pulse on the feedback from their customers. Choose a reputable company or agent who is known for satisfying clients. Otherwise, it would defeat the very purpose of hiring an agent.

Years of service

Next, it is a must to look at the years of service of an agent or company that you will potentially hire to help you buy homes for sale Garden City NY. Generally speaking, well established agents and companies are better options for a lot of reasons.

For one, they already have a wide and well entrenched network. Through the years, they have built contacts, networks and sources, and this is good for their clients such as yourself. One reason for this is that they can give you more options to choose from.

Second, experience cannot be discounted in this regard, especially if you want to reduce prices significantly. Experienced agents are usually better at striking a great bargain for their clients because they have done this a couple of times. They have mastered the techniques and come up with their own strategies.

In the end, it all boils down to the fact that an agent or company will not last long in an industry with perennial stiff competition if they are not doing something good that makes clients continue to come to them.

License and accreditation

Last but certainly not the least, make sure that you are dealing with agents or companies which are legitimate. The fact is, there are a lot of posers, scammers and frauds in the real estate industry who say that they can help you buy homes for sale Garden City NY but will just try to part you with your hard-earned money. Of course, you do not want to be one of their tons of victims.

To avoid this, make sure that you ask for the necessary licenses, accreditation and other paperwork to prove that you are dealing with duly licensed agents and companies who have been cleared by the proper authorities. Do a background check. Ask the right questions. This is important so that you will not lose your hard earned money in a scam.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Content Writing Services

Nowadays, many companies use Content Writing Services to make their job much easier. In fact, some of them even hire a content writing team just for this purpose. However, there are some companies, especially those just starting out, that make use of content writing services for this purpose alone. In hiring a content writer what are the things that you need to consider. When writing contents for different websites, the first thing you need to take into consideration is that it should be original. Not 50% or 75% but purely all content must be original. Why is this so? Many search engines do not agree with you writing duplicates and eventually may end up in trouble. So make sure that you are writing an all original content.

Content writing servicesWhat are the advantages of content writing services? One of the main goals why websites are created is to attract visitors. The only way to attract these visitors depends on the way on how content is written. A poorly written content naturally will not attract visitors and even lose their interest in the company or website. In fact if the visitor gains their interest in the content of the company they may even end up buying or asking about the product or services you are offering.

In line with this, companies hire the services of content writing specialists to achieve their goals. Why avail of writing services? In the first place, companies that provide these have a roster of writers who have their own expertise. It can be in the arts, business, computers, or whatever. They can easily comply with the client is asking for as per their particular needs. In fact, they always make sure that they are delivering high quality articles for the customer’s satisfaction. Also, one of the reasons why companies prefer content writing services because of their high respect for deadlines. It means when the client set a particular time or date for delivery, they make sure it can be deliver right away or on the time specified.

On the other hand, if there are advantages there are also disadvantages of content writing services. First and foremost, if you’re looking for a fascinating job, content writing is not for you. If your intention why you choose to become a content writer is to become famous this is not the right venue for you. We must consider that content writing is not an easy job. There are deadlines to meet, researches you need to make and creating a content that would satisfy your customers. In addition, if the reason for you wanting to become a content writer is to earn a lot of money well you will not achieve that just by writing. Content writing takes time, effort and hard work. So, if you are considering being a content writer, think first before you make that move.

Content writing serviceNow that you know the advantages and disadvantages of writing services, the next question you need to ask yourself is how to choose the right writing services? Before you make your final decision of choosing the company you need to ask for samples of their work. In this way you can gauge how they work or the quality of their work. Many companies do this by asking them to write a sample as per their requirements. If they are satisfied with the sample then they begin to talk about business and their requirements. Choosing the right company can have a big impact on the company itself. So, before making the moves consider all your options and when you are finally settled with one company that’s the time to go to the next level.

In conclusion, content writing can make or break you. It is important that you choose the company wisely and intelligently. After all your companies credibility depends on your decisions and final outcome of your choice.

How to Enjoy Coin Trading

All people have their own hobbies, from the very simple things like collecting leaves or stones to complicated ones like backpacking or collecting different paintings and relics. Some people are interested in arts. Some people are interested in sports. For a lot of people, collecting something from their interests is a great way to start a hobby. A lot of people who enjoy travelling collect different coins, stamps or key chains from the places they have been. Other travel enthusiasts also collect custom coins from different places.

custom challenge coinsThere are different types of coins: from old coins to new coins, from monetary coins to gold coins. However, some of the most popular kinds of coins, especially for collectors and enthusiasts, are custom coins.

Custom coins can be souvenirs from sports events or other celebrations. These coins come in different sizes, colors, designs, and shapes. Custom coins can easily be spotted in different amusement parks like Disneyland or Universal Studios or sporting events like the World Cup and the Summer Olympics. These coins have a special value since they can only be purchased or collected only during the prescribed event.

Do’s and Don’t’s in Coin Trading

The most important thing that a trader or enthusiast should keep in mind when trading coins is to have fun. Coin trading allows each participant to meet different types of people from different places but shares the same interests as them. You will be able to meet newbies or veterans in coin trading. However, to ensure that no issues or problems will occur, there are some do’s and don’ts that each party should follow especially in making a trade.

1.   Your coins should always be in pristine condition when you open these coins for trade. All coins should be undamaged.

2.    If you are a newbie and it is your first time to make a coin trade, do not be afraid to approach and ask more information from the coin owner.

3.    If you are hesitant or uncomfortable in making the trade or you are uninterested with the trade the other person is offering, do not pursue the trade. Likewise, if the other trader is not interested or is uncomfortable in making a trade with you, do not force the trade that you want.

4.    If the coin trader you would like to talk to is currently in a trading process, do not interrupt the deal. Wait patiently and approach the person once the trade is finish.

5.    Always keep in mind that in trading coins, the coin value that you will be trading should have the same coin value as the one you would like to get. If both traders agree with the trading coin you would like to exchange, then, the trade can push through.

6.    If you are trading using the internet and message boards (also known as forums), make sure that you are following the proper online behaviour. Following the proper online behaviour, also known as netiquette, can help build your credibility not only online but as a coin trader.

Every time you are writing an email to someone, always be polite. Do not use any capital letters or the caps lock key in writing. Writing in all capital letters may give the idea to the reader that the sender is angry or in a high emotional state. Always give enough time for the receiver to respond to your email.

The other person may be busy so it would take time for him or her to respond to your email right away. On the other hand, if you are the receiver of the email, try to respond in a timely manner so as not to keep the other party waiting too long for your response.

How to be a Motivational Speaker to Yourself: The Chris Gardner Story

No life is ever perfect. Everyone goes through all kinds of hardships. These hardships come to people through circumstance, chance, and mistakes. No one can ever avoid having problems, although some people seem to have a relatively easier time handling them.

Others, however, seem like their life is perfectly imperfect, never having a moment’s respite from all the suffering. Whenever a motivational speaker says “you can do anything if you set your mind to it”, these are the people who immediately question the validity of that statement. Of course you can, provided you have some money and people to help you. How about the ones without any of those? How about the ones who were born into poor, broken families in poverty-stricken areas, the ones who have never had access to large amounts of money or high quality education? It would be very hard to listen to a motivational speaker talk about rising from poverty without experiencing it to an extreme degree.

It’s a good thing people like Chris Gardner exist.

Born in 1954 to a broken family, Chris Gardner is a very fine example of the rags-to-riches trope that is all the rage in motivational speaking.

His childhood was difficult from the start. His father was living far away from them, and his stepfather was an abusive man who took to beating up his mother and his siblings. He’s been to foster care several times, both times because his mother had been in jail. During that time though, he met and became close with his uncle Henry. Henry became the much-needed father figure in Chris’s life, but apparently even that was too much of a good thing because after a year, Henry died from drowning.

Motivational SpeakerOnce again left without a father figure, Chris took his mother’s advice to heart, and he adapted a lifestyle of self-reliance because, according to his mother, “You can only depend on yourself.”

Not only did he experience a traumatizing childhood along with discrimination, he also went through marital problems, and it resulted in an affair, an illegitimate son, and a divorce.

He became a research lab assistant, which was decent but was not paying enough for him to support his girlfriend and his son. He took a job selling medical equipment, and life for Chris became good for a while. He was determined to succeed, and when a man with a red Ferrari told him about being a stockbroker, Chris put his sales aside to try and become one. He got accepted to a training program with E.F. Hutton, and he quit his sales job to focus on that.

Once again, that was too good to be true for Chris because when he showed up for work, he discovered that the manager who hired him had gotten fired, which meant that his job acceptance was invalidated. Things just went downhill from there. His girlfriend left him and took their son, and he was jailed for having a debt of $1,200 due to unpaid parking tickets. He became a trainee with no experience, no salary, and no family.

Then came the homelessness. Chris was only starting to piece his life back together with a job and a small salary when his ex-girlfriend came back and left their son with him. The rooming house he was staying in did not allow children, leaving him and his son without a home.

The most amazing thing about Chris is that he did not let that stop him. He did not abandon his son, and instead he worked his head off trying to constantly find new places in which they could stay, even just for a night at a time. He didn’t allow the poverty, the injustice of his life and his unfortunate circumstances to ruin his life and his son’s chance for a future, and look where he is now.

CEO, stockbroker, motivational speaker. He is also a philanthropist, an author and an investor. His life even became the basis of a movie!

A lot of people think that rags-to-riches stories are exaggerated, or too farfetched to be real. That’s not true. Yes, it is hard, but like Chris Gardner has proven, you don’t really need money or education or supporters to start. All you need to do is become a motivational speaker to yourself, and maybe someday you could be motivating millions of people too.

An effective motivational speaker should be able to speak to his audience on a personal level while at the same time,promoting the common goal that he wants them, as a group to achieve.

The various kinds of lanyards

Contrary to a popular belief that all lanyards in existence are one and the same, there are various options available when it comes to customizing these things. Gone are the days when the only important thing you should consider in getting a lanyard is if can hold the item it’s supposed to carry. The best part of it is that you can ask a lanyard manufacturer to produce the variant that you want in bulk.

lanyardsWell, before you place an order, you have to know the type of lanyard that you really need.have. After all, choosing the wrong kind of lanyard can easily spawn endless problems for you – besides, there’s also the disappointment that comes with it. Most prominent of these problems include including loose straps, designs that fade easily, colors that don’t match those of the original design, and attracting attention for the wrong reasons.

So, to help you out, provided below is a list of the most common options offered by reliable manufacturers.

1. Lanyards made of chains

While the conventional materials used for creating lanyards are fabric and rubber, thmainly ere are cords made of chains. However, Mostly regarded as a stronger and much more reliable type of lanyard because of the chains it connects it. The production of this lanyard variant can be a bit expensive. Metal or plastic balls are most commonly used to build this lanyard, with the latter being more cost-efficient than the former. In other words, metal balls make a sturdier chain lanyard at a higher price.

2. Breakaway lanyards

If someone orders this variety of the product, it is very much obvious that he wantsthey need to haveproduce something with a built-in, easy-to-remove clasp. That add-on will enable you to easily detach the lanyard, reducing the chances of you being accidentally strangled by its strap. You should strongly consider acquiring this type of lanyard if you work in the field of medicine or if your job involves the use of heavy equipment.

3. Customized lanyards

Most lanyard manufacturers around the country provide consumers with the option to request a specially designed lace. They will give you the chance to choose the logo that it will have,, the materials that will be used, and the end part attachment theyit should put in it.have. Depending on the mix that you want, you may have to pay a higher amount.it than having them do their pre-patterned designs.

4. Multi-functional lanyards

When it comes to functionality, these lanyards top the charts. This lanyard variant is a solution that fills several needs, made evident by the presence of two oris fitted with more than two holders onto its end. You should consider getting one if you need to keep all of your important accessories (like your IDs and keys) in one place. and needs to get it quickly.

5. Pre-created lanyards

If you need massive quantities of lanyards in a hurry,that will hold the passes of the visitors going in and out of your premises, then the so-called ‘pre-made’ lanyard is your best option. After you’ve contacted a manufacturer and stated that you need this variant, they will provide you with straps that have very common designs. An easy-to-use complimentary attachment is added as well. Due to how easy it is to make, they can deliver it to you very quickly to the address you have specified in your order slip,, sometimes a few hours after you’ve placed your order.

Now that you know that there are different kinds of lanyards you can choose from, you can finally plan ahead how much you will need to spend. From the fastest to create, the cheapest, and the most intricate design-wise, these lanyards come with different price tags. Alternatively, you can ask the person in charge about the other designs and builds they have for you; that way, you’ll have much wider options in placing an order, regardless of how many you’re planning to get.

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How Misting Fans Are Used in Industrial Applications

Misting fans are a marvel of simple mechanics and physics. Despite their simple design, they are an effective means of solving a wide variety of different problems. Most people know mist fans as those huge electric fan-like machines that blow mist mixed with air.

True enough, what makes a mist fans different from a typical electric fan is that it uses mist in order to cool the air. The air is cooled through a process known an evaporative cooling. This is actually simpler than it sounds.

MistingFanTake the human body for example. The human body becomes really hot when it starts to engage in physical activities. The brain sends signals to the sweat glands to start producing sweat. The sweat absorbs some of the body heat. Once it absorbs enough heat, the sweat evaporates taking the heat with it.

The same thing goes on with misting fans. These mist fans basically use mist to absorb heat from the air. The mist is actually composed of super tiny droplets of water, about a few microns in size. This allows the water droplets to quickly absorb the heat and cool the air.

Aside from cooling, several industries have begun to realize the diverse applications that a mist fan can be used for. Here are a few industrial applications where mist fans are used.

Controlling the odor

mist_fanSmell is one of the biggest issues people can encounter when they work in an industrial setting. A lot of employees complain about their working environment. Some people find it frustrating to the point that they claim that such an environment is not suitable, let alone healthy, for workers or laborers.

Solving the issue of smell can be a big problem. This is common in waste management facilities or factories that produce a lot of foul waste. Mist fans are a simple, but easy solution to this problem.

A lot of people may not know this, but misting fans are capable of controlling the smell of an environment. The mist fan is able to get rid of the particles that cause the foul stench. The tiny water droplets it produces are capable of mixing with the smell. The water droplets then drag the particles to the ground to prevent them from spreading through the air.

Dust management

mistMist fans also see a lot of action in industrial settings where there are plenty of dust particles floating around the air. For example, lumber mills and cement factories produce a lot of dust that float around the air.

Dust particles can be a major liability in any business. Workers and employees can hold their employers liable should they suffer from a health issue brought about by the working environment’s conditions. This is a common scenario. Employees are able to suit their employers for damages. This in turn costs the business a tremendous amount of money in damages.

Mist fans are capable of dealing with dust particles. The tiny micron sized water droplets stick to the dust particles. This prevents dust from floating around freely through the air. The air is kept clean and free of harmful particles that might harm a person’s lungs.

Heavy machine cooling

Another application where mist fans are seeing heavy use is to cool off heavy machinery. Machines, like the human body, produce a lot of heat. They consume a lot of fuel and have to generate a lot of power in order to make them move. Keeping them cool is paramount to maintaining them and making sure that they do not just breakdown. Misting fans are able to cool the work environment and prevent the machines from overheating.